For Referring Offices

Web Portal - a convenient and secure way to access reports and images:

Welcome to our Web Portal! With our continued growth and on-going effort to provide patients and our referring offices with the highest quality of care, you can now access reports and images for exams done at any of our four offices. There is no software to download and the Web Portal can be placed on any PC or laptop that runs Internet Explorer version 9 or higher. We strongly recommend running in compatibility view mode if running Internet explorer versions 10.x or 11.x.

The steps to access the Web Portal are easy. Contact us at 315-CNY-XRAY (269-9729) and ask to speak with our IT department. We will send you (or you can download below) a HIPAA release form, username and password and simple instructions on how to set up your PC to access the Web Portal. From the Web Portal you will be able to:

  • View your patients that have been seen in any of our offices.
  • View reports as soon as they have been signed by the Radiologist.
  • View images as soon as they have been completed by the radiographic technologist or ultrasound tech.
  • See the status of your patient, whether an appointment is pending, active, no showed or cancelled...all real time!
  • Want to see the report or images from a study done at our office that was ordered by a provider outside of your office? No problem, just call us at 315-CNY-XRAY (269-9729) and we will add your name to the roster. Instantly, you will be able to see the report and images on your secure site.
  • To get your secure sign on please download and complete the HIPAA agreement below, contact us at 315-CNY-XRAY (269-9729) and ask to speak with our IT department.
  • Download Confidentiality Agreement Here

CNY Diagnostic Imaging Reading Services

The Radiologists of CNY Diagnostic Imaging (CNY) provides comprehensive professional reading services for physician practices that perform their own technical services.

We currently provide services for family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology and orthopedic practices throughout Central New York. Reports and images are available through our secure Web Portal immediately after being signed and STAT service is available five-days per week from 8am to 5pm. Our expert IT department is capable of directly connecting your imaging equipment with our PACS and we are able to store and archive your image data permanently.

Whether your needs include primary reads, over-reads, or peer review, we can provide you with exceptional diagnostic solutions and rapid report turnaround. We can perform diagnostic reads of images in all modalities, regardless of equipment manufacturer, MRI field strength, or CT slice acquisition. CNY can also provide technical coverage for your staff's scheduled leave.

CNY Diagnostic Imaging Reading Services CNY Diagnostic Imaging Reading Services CNY Diagnostic Imaging Reading Services

Through our collaborative approach with physicians and their medical staff, we provide timely, accurate, and expert diagnostic interpretations. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and rigorous quality assurance on every case.

Our Board-certified Radiologists are focused on servicing referring physicians and their patients. Our goal is to work with your practice to make your imaging experience transparent and hassle free.

To find out more about CNY Diagnostic Imaging Reading Services, please contact Practice Administrator at 1-315-CNY-XRAY (279-9729), or send us an e-mail.

Other services offered to our Referring Offices:

  • We can also copy images to CD for you if needed. These CD's can be viewed on any Windows PC. CD imaging is free and we encourage you to keep these CD's in your patients record (we do not need them back). These copies can be mailed to you, given to the patient, or be sent to your office by our Courier service.
  • We offer 24 hour turn-around time for results, STAT results on all positive studies and same day results for all Mammography patients.
  • Results can be faxed or mailed...your choice!

CNY Diagnostic Imaging Procedure and Prep Manual

The button to the left is our updated Procedure and Prep Manual. This manual is an informational tool to help answer questions your patients may have regarding exam preparation, exam time, and other instructions pertinent to their visit with us.
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